Saturday, October 11, 2008

About Spirit Ridge!

Rifle golf is a new sport designed to help you practice your skills and become a better shooter in a real-life environment as you move from target to target — using an ATV instead of a golf cart! Our unique golf-style scoring system makes the range more competitive and provides a fun way to assess your shooting skills.
Offering ranges from 175 to 1200 yards, our course is designed to mimic real-life hunting experiences for riflemen of all abilities. Our special targets, complete with "vitals", let you know when your shot is dead-on andprovide an unrivaled sense of authenticity.
With more than 30 targets all set at different angles, on different slopes and in varying wind conditions, you'll really come to recognize your strengths and weaknesses as a shooter. Each of our four shooting stations provides unique challenges that will increase your experience and sharpen your abilities.
We'll help you remove all doubts surrounding your ability; you'll be able to understand and expand the limits of your skills. At Spirit Ridge, you'll establish your own reference and confidence — then take it with you into the field where it really counts!
We discourage taking long-range shots in the field without first proving yourself on the course. By reaching and pushing your limits at Spirit Ridge, you'll develop increased accuracy and consistency, making you a more successful and more responsible hunter.
Come enjoy an incredible day of fun while improving your skills. Put yourself and your rifle to the test!

Though you'll never find a better shooting range, you don't need to be an avid hunter to enjoy a day at Spirit Ridge.
Perhaps you've lost your desire to hunt but still love the challenge and thrill of shooting a high-powered rifle. Maybe you're an avid marksman who needs a little corner (if you can call 8,400 acres little!) of the great outdoors to put himself to the test. Maybe you've spent a lifetime enjoying the thrill of the hunt but have lost your legs for tramping through the hills.

Regardless of your experience and your motives, we promise an exciting day that you'll never forget. Plus, every package includes a delicious hot meal, wide open spaces, breathtaking vistas, plenty of fresh air and more fun than you can imagine!
Whatever gets you fired up, just come out and have a great time.

Clients Testimonials
  • Excellent experience! I have learned more from two times shooting this course than in my entire life of shooting — very well done! Jason Christenson Salt Lake City, UT
  • Sprit Ridge is a great place to sharpen your skills and build confidence, assuring a good, clean humane kill in the field. It's every shooter’s dream to practice with life-like target silhouettes. Money and time here were both well spent. Scott Mitchell Honeyville, UT
  • What a fantastic idea! Spirit Ridge has helped me to understand my ability and boost my confidence. It's a great day and a great adventure!Bill Brady Toronto, Ontario, Canada
  • Serious and responsible hunters must have more real-life experience. This is as close as it gets! Jeff John Elwood, UT
  • I had an awesome time at Spirit Ridge! It can totally be likened to realistic in-the-field situations. Corey Hansen Franklin, ID
  • Thank you for a fantastic experience! The realism of making shots in the field is brought to life with the placements of all the different yardages and angles of the targets. Thanks again! Jed Slama Elwood, UT
  • Spirit Ridge is very educational and puts you into real hunting situations to build your confidence. It's well priced with a wonderful, courteous staff. John McIntoshTremonton, UT

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