Thursday, May 17, 2012

Compete in the Vortex Extreme Tournament - Why Not?

The Vortex Extreme is just around the corner.  As we talk about this event with the general public, most people express how cool and fun the event sounds.  Indeed this event is awesome and most importantly a heck of a lot of fun.  We are even entertaining changing the name of the event to the Vortex Fun!  Ok, maybe not, we will stick with the Vortex Extreme.  It has a nice ring to it.  

We have several weeks before the actual event.  Momentum and excitement continue to build as the event draws closer.  Many key industry players are sending teams to compete for the ultimate bragging rights; but remember, one of the primary missions of the Vortex Extreme is to keep the event open to the general public. So, if you are remotely thinking of signing up, our call to action is simple … "JUST DO IT!"  This will be one of the most unique and exciting events you will participate in all year.  

So you are asking yourself, 
"Why should I sign up and compete in the Vortex Extreme?"  

1.      Great Weekend Retreat – Spend a weekend with your friends doing something that no one else in the entire world will be doing. As part of your registration fee, you will receive a night stay at the Hampton Inn and a delicious dinner.  Can't think of a better weekend getaway.
2.      Accomplishment of Pushing Yourself – Do you ever wonder why people run marathons or climb mountains? Because they thrive on the joy of doing something that they don’t normally do.  There is great satisfaction in pushing yourself outside of your comfort zone and accomplishing a difficult task. 
3.     Awesome Prizes: Did we mention that your team is competing for cash prizes.  The first place pot is $1,500, second place $750, and third place $500.  In addition to the cash prizes, there will be several other unique prizes related to various elements of the event.  Let's just put it this way, everyone has a chance to be in the running.  
4.     Get Free Stuff:  Thanks to our marvelous sponsors and the direct involvement of Vortex Optics, there will be well over $7,000 of items that will be raffled at the event.  Everyone will receive a gift bag for your participation along with several raffle tickets for the higher ticket items. 
5.     Full on Fun:  Most people love a good competition. Think of the rush you will gain by spending a day hanging out with friends, meeting new friends, pushing you physical limits, shooting targets, eating good food, and most importantly, having the satisfaction of saying you competed in the Vortex Extreme!

Some might think they have to be in tip-top shape to do this event.  That is just not true.  If you have the ability to get out and go on a good hike, you can complete this course.  Most guys simply walk a good fast pace.  Don't let the "long range" description scare you off either.  The targets you will be shooting at will average between 300 to 700 yards.  So don't let the elements scare you off.  This is definitely going to be a memorable event.  See you all in July! 

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

2011 Vortex Extreme Invitational

The hills of Whites Valley, Utah were alive with the sound of large caliber rifles taking aim at over 30 life size silhouette's of big game targets this past Saturday, as competitors from across the region competed in the first ever Vortex Extreme Invitational. Unlike a traditional game of Rifle Golf where shooters travel from station to station riding in Polaris Ranger Crew, for this "extreme" event, the only form of transportation were your feet, and the iron will to hike the grueling 6.5 miles trail.

Vortex Optics, a Wisconsin based optic manufacture sponsored the tournament. "We were looking for an event that pushed the limits of the shooters, we liked what Spirit Ridge offered. The trail was rugged, the targets were incredibly challenging, all in all it made for a great event,” said Paul Kendall spokesman for Vortex Optics.

The Vortex Extreme challenged both endurance and accuracy of the teams. The teams consisted of two teammates. The first leg of the race was a stretch up the Hogs Back, a steep and rocky 2.5 mile hike to the top summit of the mountain. From there the teams picked up the pace to the first shooting station where they had to find the targets, range the targets, steady the aim and fire. A hit on the first shot earned the marksmen an eagle, second shot birdie, fail to hit the shot and you would earn a heavy double bogie. Shooters had the option to play the hole safe by taking a safe par shot which a closer target.

The night before the event Vortex hosted a reception dinner at the Hampton Inn, located in Tremonton Utah. Participants were given a chance to mix and mingle, eat, and develop a game plan. Once morning arrived the gun golfers rose bright and early to begin their hike across Whites Valley.

There were plenty of pre tournament jitters. Starting at the bottom of the mountain, teams waited for the competition to begin by warming up their muscles through stretches and jumping jacks. A shot heard round the mountain began the race. Teams made their way to the beginning station without the help of motorized utilities continuing across the mountain from station to station; a 6.5 mile hike from top to bottom.

Don and Dave, team Wilderness Athlete, flew in from Arizona to participate in the event. After completing the course they commented on the challenge of the hike, "Endurance wise we felt strong, but training at 1,500 feet is a lot different than hiking at 6,000, we were sucking air."

Stations consisted of two holes with hard, easy, and unique shots. Both members of the team were required to shoot either hard or easy shots without prior knowledge of a set distance. They had to determine this distance for themselves.

Along with the required shot each member had to shoot the unique shot in a standing, sitting, or kneeling position depending on which station they were at.

Teams were also given a choice as to whether they wanted to participate in a bonus shot. The bonus shot came in the form of a bell, provided and sponsored by Tremonton local artist, Doug Adams, that when hit, could be heard across the valley. If hit teams would have three points deducted from their final score, but if missed an additional three points were added.

Kevin Orton commented on the difficulty of the course, "It’s a tough course with some tough shots; I saw some of the best riflemen out here miss shots I thought for sure they would hit."

The event tested abilities of participants, not only did they have to hike and hold a steady aim, at each station they were challenged to assemble gear and take down targets in under 12 minutes providing a lifelike hunting experience.

After completing the course Brandon Barney, Outdoor Outfitted said, "It was a humbling experience. It's nothing I've ever done before and was an incredible set up. It’s something I’ll definitely train a little harder for next year."

As teams started to cross the finish line each had a story to tell. All were in awe of the realistic experience even after having heard what Spirit Ridge is all about.

Mark Boardman from Vortex said, “we are blown away, it exceeded any expectations we had."

From beginning to end, marksmen held strong. After 6 miles and 7 hours in the sun they were asking for more. They wanted to shoot another round of rifle golf, which Spirit Ridge was happy to provide.

Vortex Extreme Invitational Scores:

First Place: Wasatch Arms

Score: 39

Kevin Norman

300 Remington ultra mag

Landon Gines

7 mm Remington short mag

Second Place: G7


Todd Sholly

7 M Remington mag

Tyler Scoffield

7 Lrm

Third Place: Christensen Arms #2

Score: 62

Courtney Crane

Andy Christiansen


Heat 1

  1. Cross Canyon Arms- Time: 135 min, Score: 94
  2. Sargent Sniper- Time: 109 min, Score: 83
  3. Double Tap 1- Time: 107 min, Score: 103
  4. Christensen's Arms 2: Time: 79 min, Score: 62
  5. Mark #1 (single)- Time: 86 min, Score: 37
Heat 2
  1. Outdoor Outfitted- Time: 100 min, Score: 77
  2. Vortex #2- Time: 143 min, Score: 81
  3. Double Tap 2- Time: 95 min, Score: 71
  4. Wilderness Athlete- Time: 97 min, Score: 70
  5. Mark #2- Time: 115 min, Score: 83
Heat 3
  1. Sportsman's News- Time: 117 min, Score: 88
  2. Spirit Ridge Rifle Golf- Time: 117 min, Score: 81
  3. Wasatch Arms- Time: 99 min, Score: 39
  4. Impulse Targets- Time: 80 min, Score: 71
  5. Christensen's Arms #1- Time: 65 min, Score: 68
Heat 4
  1. Vortex #1- Time: 87 min, Score: 78
  2. Times up- Time: 100 min, Score: 82
  3. G7- Time: 68 min, Score: 55

Monday, July 18, 2011

2011 Top Gun Scores

Shooter Division Score Shots

Eric Murray Masters 22 16
Josh Williams Masters 22 17
Rich Reeder Masters 26 17
Tyler Schofield Masters 26 17
Flint Adams Masters 26 19
Joel Petersen Masters 26 17
SteveNuetzman Masters 27 19
Mike Norman Masters 27 16
Derrik Doutre Masters 28 19
Nyle Bywater Masters 28 21
Dee Long Masters 29 23
Vic Wheeler Masters 30 23
Bill Doutre Masters 31 31
Danny Blackhurst Masters 31 23
Blaine Jackson Masters 31 21
Dave Atkinson Masters 32 21
Tim Wayment Masters 33 23
Jake Page Masters 33 22
Craig Bingham Masters 35 23
Landon Gines Masters 35 23
Jared Adams Masters 36 24
Matt Blackhurst Masters 37 22
Clark Carlile Masters 40 25
Dean Parker Masters 41 27
Clark Moss Classic 17 14
Dan Rast Classic 20 16
James Christiensen Classic 20 14
Danny Blackhurst Classic 21 17
Craig Jones Classic 21 17
Ed Crookston Classic 23 16
Paul Kendall Classic 23 17
Jared Garn Classic 28 21
Leo Williams Classic 28 23
Matt Blackhurst Classic 29 21
Travis Hobbs Classic 29 22
Brett Bingham Classic 30 22
Eric Williams Classic 30 20
Eddie Crookston Classic 31 21
Destrie Hansen Classic 31 23
Kent Rast Classic 32 25
Thomas Christensen Classic 32 24
Joel Draxler Classic 32 23
John Rast Classic 35 25
Leon Dent Classic 35 25
Chris Snell Classic 36 26
Chad Hess Classic 37 26
Kerry Logan Classic 38 30

Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Spirit Ridge kicked off this season with our invitation-only Top Gun Tournament, featuring 50 of our most-skilled gunmen from last seasons shooters in both the Masters and Classics division. In order to receive an invitation to shoot in the event, shooters must post at least two qualifying scores throughout the regular season. If their score is one of the top 25 within their division, they are given the opportunity to compete in the tournament with a chance to earn a name on the course as well as some serious swag.

Starting bright and early, the masters took to the course making their way around the mountain from hole to hole. They have the opportunity to shoot an Eagle (hole in one), a Birdie (second shot), or if they missed both of those shots, they come to a closer hole and shoot for Par.

After shooting three eagles at station three, Rich Reeder commented on how his first round went, "I feel jittery," he said, after doing a little dance. Thus the effect rifle golf has on some if the greatest marksmen. It strikes excitement in the hearts of men.

When asked how he thought he was doing, Dave Atkinson said, "You know I’m out of the running, but I’m having a good time and that's all that matters."
It may be a competition, but winning isn’t everything, its about the camaraderie that passes through each gunmen as they help one another to shoot their best.

The experience Rifle Golf provides is unique and lifelike. Looking through the scope of a gun and spotting the target brings a feeling of pure exhilaration. Tom Christensen, ace spotter, regrets not getting the chance to shoot the course. "I did a great job spotting, but it’s nothing like pulling the trigger. I'll definitely be out here to shoot the course as soon as I can."

The new facility improvements turned out to be a big hit for returning riflemen. Clark Carlisle said, "It’s nice to ride up to each station and not have the dirt blow back in your face."

The settled gravel was a big improvement compared to the loose dirt, providing a more pleasant experience for this season.

As for the first place winners, both winning for the second year in a row, Eric Murray of the Masters division with a total score of 22, and Clark Moss of the Classics division with a total score of 17. Each won a custom built rifle, courtesy of Brad Stair from Cross Canyon Fire Arms, in any caliber of their choice up to .30 caliber. Each rifle is at price value of $3,800.00. A special thanks goes out to Cross Canyon Fire Arms for donating two incredible pieces of art. Not only did they win incredible prizes, but they have earned themselves bragging rights as this seasons top gunmen.

There were many opportunities to win prizes, money, and a name for yourself at Top Gun through a raffle system, putting money into a cash pot, as well as shooting to be in the thousand yard club. Many went home with amazing prizes not to mention a story to tell. A big thanks goes out to all that participated and we can’t wait to see you out on the course again this season.

Top Gun Scores:
Masters Division:

1st -Eric Murray
Score: 22
Shots: 16
Hit “Unique Shot” on 1st station for -1 off score

2nd – Josh Williams
Score – 22
Shots – 17
Hit “Off Hand Shot” on Hole in One station for -1 off score

3rd - Tyler Schoffield, Rich Reeder, Joel Peterson
Score – 26
Shots - 19

Classic Winners:

1st - Clark Moss
Score: 17
Shots: 14
Hit “Off Hand Shot” on Hole in One station for -1 off score
Hit “Unique Shot” on 1st station for -1 off score

2nd – James Christensen
Score: 20
Shots: 14

3rd – Dan Rast
Score: 20
Shots: 16
Hit “1000 yd Shot” on Hole in One station for -3 off score

1000 yd Club @ Top Gun:
  • Leo Williams - Classic
  • Jared Garn - Classic
  • Dan Rast - Classic
  • Craig Bingham - Masters
  • Jake Page – Masters

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Break'n A Sweat July

Spirit Ridge Rifle Golf is Getting a Facelift

This past month has been packed with action for Spirit Ridge. Not with tournaments per se, but with virtual recognition from national media personnel and putting final touches on all improvements.

Upcoming Events:

Tournaments start this month, with two tournaments in the month of July! The Top Gun Tournament (invitation only) is July 9 for last year’s top Classic and Master shooters. Vortex Extreme Tournament (invitation only) is July 16 bringing the outdoor industry leaders to compete covering the course on foot and timed.
Two new tournaments have been in fruition. One is a Predator’s Only Tournament and the African Safari. More news to come on the specifics of these tournaments.
As well as a Women’s Only Tournament. Stay tuned to find out more information. For a list of all the tournaments this season please visit our website

SRRG in the News

Many of you might have noticed that Spirit Ridge is being recognized by reporters not only from Utah, but also from Louisiana, New Jersey and Washington D.C. to name of a few. What was the big change? SRRG became a member of the Professional Outdoor Media Association (POMA) which has access to all outdoor reporters. We sent one press release to POMA members and within hours our phones were ringing with reporters who wanted to cover our new sport of rifle golf. The NRA news even broadcasted a 10 minute interview with Jeff Petersen, SRRG Communications Director, which they also posted on Youtube. We were also featured on a radio show in Louisiana, the Hook’n UP & Track’n Down radio show with Steve Graf and James Hester.

Check out the NRA News interview as well as all the other news articles Spirit Ridge was highlighted in.

NRA News Interview

Article from Shooting Illustrated

Article from

Article from


Because POMA’s annual conference is being held in Ogden, UT this year, SRRG decided to hold a media day out the course. This media day will be Aug 10 and involve any and all media members. Each media member that chooses to come out to the course will be given a first hand walk through of the game and the course. Thus, providing them with the first hand experience to then be able to continue to write featured articles about the new and exciting game of Gun Golf.

PLEASE follow our Social Media

Be part of the national move of Rifle Golf and tell of your experiences on Twitter and Facebook. Through Twitter you will be able to stay tuned on all articles SRRG is highlighted in, as well as connect with countless people who have similar passions as yourself: Enjoying shooting and anything outdoors. To follow us on Twitter visit!/SRRifleGolf. To Like us on Facebook visit

New Website Launch

Speaking of websites, a new development in Spirit Ridge’s website is in progress. SRRG 2.0 will launch by July 15 giving a more user-friendly experience with substance. Some perks to the newly developed site will be a leader board to highlight top shooters, an online store to purchase SRRG apparel, a convenient capability to book your tee time online, a community forums for viewers to post rifle golf comments and all the information you need to answer any questions.

IMPORTANT Safety Updates

As the sport becomes more accepted by the general public, we have made the decision that ALL shooters will need to wear eye and ear protection at all times while at the shooting stations. We have also added a Certified Range Safety Master to the course, to help improve the safety of all participants. In an effort to keep the range a fun, yet safe environment guides and SRRG personnel will be on the look out for any safety violations. A simple reminder will be given when a safety rule is violated. Repeated breakage of safety rules may result in being asked to leave the course. We have had an enjoyable time over the past 5 years and want to continue to see safety excellence. As loyal participants please keep safety first while out on the course.

New Driving Range

Want a great way to dial things in before hitting the rifle golf course? Try out the newly developed driving range. Close to the club house, the driving range will give gunmen a chance to practice their skills before hitting the course. The range will distance anywhere from 1 to 500 yards giving time to warm up your skills. With the ability to set up targets as far as 1000 + yards. If you don’t have time to shoot a full round of rifle golf, the driving range can give you a “quick fix.”

Facility Updates

Spirit Ridge is excited about this season’s new additions to its course. In order to create a better experience for all, we have incorporated gravel around all the shooting stations as well as a water truck to keep the dust from flying, high-definition target maps, four Polaris Ranger Crews, all making it easier to get around. We also have new and improved target systems.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Top Gun Qualifiers - Need contact information

The following people have qualified for the Top Gun Tournament but we have been unsuccessful in contacting them because we do not have their contact information. If your name is on this list please call Spirit Ridge directly to register 435-764-6980. If you know someone on this list, would you also take the time to give them a call to look at the blog or call Spirit Ridge to give us their contact information. Thank you, and hope to see you soon at the Top Gun Tournament July 9th.

Chris Russel


James Christiensen


Jesse Rowe


Aaron Rowe


Landon Gines


Shane Adair


Saturday, May 28, 2011

Winter is Gone, Rifle Golf is On

The winter is finally over and it is time to get your gun, ammo, and four-wheeler ready, because Spirit Ridge Rifle Golf is offering more tournaments, more prizes, and more customer accommodations. The first day of the year will start June 25, so call now to reserve a slot. 435-764-6980

Tournaments and Dates

TOP GUN TOURNAMENT (Invitation Only - July 9th) - Our annual Top Gun Tournament is a great way to start the season. This is an invitation only event. Shooters were determined by posting two qualifying scores; we then took the average of those scores to determine the invite list. This year’s shooters will be competing for a custom made rifle from Cross Canyon Fire Arms. The contestants are definitely sharp shooters! The competition will feature two divisions, the classic and the masters. There will be a first, second and third place prize. Even if you are not one of the guys competing, this is a great event to come on out and watch. Hope to see you soon!

VORTEX EXTREME (Invitation Only - July 16th) – For the first time, SRRG and Vortex are teaming up to present The Vortex Extreme shooting competition, bringing a new style of gun golf to Spirit Ridge. We have invited many outdoor industry leaders to send their top shooters to come and compete for the ultimate bragging rights. This tournament will challenge both endurance and marksmanship. Instead of riding an OHV to each station and taking time to set up each shot, contestants will have to travel the course on foot and will be timed on how fast they can cross the finish line. The teams will travel nearly seven miles, stopping at four different stations.

The general public is welcome to attend and witness this exhilarating tournament. The tournament starts at 6:00 a.m. and will continue throughout the day or until the last team finishes the race. There will be food and beverages to purchase. Come witness one of the most extreme events to hit the shooting industry!

OPEN INVITATION TOURNAMENTS – Beginning in August we will begin hosting Open Invitation Tournaments. Participation is on a first come first serve bases. Prizes for these tournaments include a variety of gear from Vortex, gift cards from Sportsman Warehouse and many other unique prizes. Don’t forget that in order to be eligible to compete in next year’s Top Gun Tournament you have to post two qualifying scores. The tournaments are a great way to get your scores on the board. You can also come out on non tournament days to post qualifying scores.

Tournament Dates:

o August 6th - Predator Only (open invitation)

o August 13th - African Safari (open invitation)

o September 10th - Buck Fever Tournament (open invitational)

o October 8th - Spirit Ridge Classic (open invitational)

o November 12th – Thanksgiving Special (open invitational)

Partnership Update and Recognition

We wanted to thank all of our partners who continue to support the vision of establishing the sport of Gun Golf. Without our sponsors we would not have the ability to continue to develop and evolve the sport. We would like to especially recognize Sportsman’s Warehouse, Vortex Optics, and Cross Canyon Fire Arms for their leadership and community goodwill. We would also like to recognize the partnership of Africa Sport Hunting Safari, which provided a full service African safari hunt to the winner of our African Safari Tournament, and yes we are doing it again this year! This year, we are pleased to announce our partnership with Sergeant Sniper Rests, they too will be adding to the value of SRRG tournaments.

Spirit Ridge Rifle Golf is always looking for additional partners to help advance the sport. If your company is interested in teaming up with us in any way, please give us a call, we are open to new ideas and connections. Please call: 435-764-6980

Group Events:

The SRRG facility has been undergoing continuous improvements over the past year and now has new facilities to host large groups. These amenities include a club house, overnight camping, indoor plumbing, and showers. We also cater meals, taking all the stress off of you. From our facility you also have access to a world class pheasant club, sporting clays and 3D archery. Our operation is great for team-building exercises, family reunions, company retreats or a unique get-away to help improve customer relationships. We have customized packages to help meet all your group’s needs and give you the best price possible! Call us today to set up your personalized rifle golf event. Please call: 435-764-6980

Partnership with Box Elder County Tourism Board

As a business operating in Box Elder County, Spirit Ridge Rifle Golf is extremely grateful for the support and guidance we have received from the Box Elder County Tourism Board. The county strives diligently to help highlight business’s or attractions which draw visitors to the Northern border towns of Utah. Spirit Ridge Rifle Golf was fortunate enough to be one of the recipients of the Box Elder County Tourism Grant. This grant money will enable us to continue to improve all elements of our business. We are committed to developing the most realistic and advanced shooting facility in the world. Some improvements we hope to accomplish this year include; gravel around each station, water truck to spray the trails an improved website to offer online registration, book group events, real time weather updates, bragging board of tournament winners. We hope the improvements will continue to establish SRRG as a world class shooting destination. Thank you Box Elder County for your support!