Sunday, July 11, 2010

2010 Top Gun Tournament

Congratulations to our finest shooters who qualified and competed for Spirit Ridge’s 2010 Top Gun Tournament. Not only were there excellent prizes won, but a fun-filled weekend of shootin’, eatin’, wheelerin’ and bein’ with the guys!

Spirit Ridge hosted two divisions in the Top Gun Tournament, the “Classics” and the “Masters.” Both groups had to weigh in their guns at no more than 17 pounds and were required to take a “unique” off hand shot.

Friday’s Classic shooters were not allowed to use turret enhanced optics, and shot at targets ranging from 198 yards to 505 yards, with a bonus shot of 1000 yards.

Saturday’s Master shooters were able to take advantage of their dials and shot at targets ranging from 274 yards to 898 yards, with bonus shots of 1000, 1200, 1250, and 1300 yards. The 1300 yard shot had a target no bigger than 8 inches in circumference.

Each shooter was vying for the grand prize, a custom built rifle from Wasatch Precision Arms. The second and third place prizes proved to be valuable as well. Second place won a scope from Vortex Optics, and third place won a $100 gift certificate to Sportsman Warehouse. The same prizes were given both days.

Congratulations to Friday’s Classic shooters:
1st place: Scoring a 20 with 13 shots… CLARK MOSS
2nd place: Scoring a 21 with 14 shots… DANNY BLACKHURST
3rd place: Scoring a 21 with 17 shots… JEREMY CROOKSTON

Bonus 1,000 yard pot shot: JEREMY CROOKSTON

Congratulations to Saturday’s Master shooters:
1st place: Scoring 27 with 19 shots… ERIC MURRAY
2nd place: Scoring 27 with 21 shots… JOEL PETERSEN
3rd place: Scoring 29 with 20 shots… VIC WHEELER

Bonus 1,200 yard pot shot: JOSH WILLIAMS and BLAIN JACKSON
Bonus 1,250 yard pot shot: CRAIG BINGHAM
Bonus 1,300 yard pot shot: STEVE NUETZMAN

We again want to say thank you to all of our shooters who continue to make Spirit Ridge possible. You made this a memorable weekend at Spirit Ridge and we look forward to next year’s TOP GUN TOURNAMENT, so make sure you get qualified to compete! We also want to thank our sponsors: Sportsman Warehouse, Vortex Optics, Wasatch Precision Arms, Kent’s Thriftway, Lowes, Farm Bureau, Let the Good Times Fly, Goring Ranch.

Friday's Classic Shooters

Friday's Winners

Saturday's Master Shooters

Saturday's Winners

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