Sunday, August 15, 2010

A Good Week Fishing In Alaska

Our journey took us to Juneau where we rendezvoused with our good friends from Doc Warner's Fishing Adventures. This was our second trip to Doc's in the last couple of years. We love the atmosphere and the over hospitality that Doc and his staff provide his guests.

Doc Warner's is located just north of Juneau on the Excursion Inlet. It is a main passage for salmon and other species that make their way in from the wide open waters of the gulf of Alaska. The waters are relatively calm and make for great fishing. The landscape is wild and rugged. It is truly a 360 degree view of breath taking vista's. It is not uncommon to see humpback whales breaching just a few yards away from you boat, or a hungry black bear strolling down the shoreline looking for a few salmon to fill it's belly.

We experienced a great week of salmon fishing. We caught mostly pinks but the silvers were definitely starting to show up. Most days we found we would catch our limit on pinks and about 70% of limit of silvers.

Doc Warner's is definitely a family friendly environment. Doc told me it is his mission to create lasting family memories. We definitely came home with plenty of fish but the memories will last forever! Looking forward to another trip in a few years!

Here are a few more pictures of our trip. Hope you enjoy!

Lane, Stuart, Kam and Jeff Petersen with a few pinks and silvers

Doc Warner's overlooking Excursion Inlet

Excursion Inlet

Lane Petersen with a nice 13 lb silver

Kameron Petersen with a 40 lb halibut

Jeff and Stuart Petersen with a couple 14 lb silvers


Public Relations said...

Wow, Alaska is so beautiful! My favorite is the picture of the whale breaking through the ice. I am glad you guys had some fun.

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