Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Safari Tournament Results

Burrrr the tournament was cold, but Mike Norman left boiling with excitement. The men’s shooting skills were put to the task. Their situation couldn’t have been more realistic. The targets were located at various slopes, distances and angles, but the biggest challenge was fighting from shivering in the cold and reading the wind changes.

“This was identical to hunting in a real live situation,” Brian ___ said. “This helps you prepare for hunting more than anything.”

Although it was a tough shootout, men came back to a warm and delicious African meal, raffles and the announcement of the prize winner.

There we were, sitting in the club house, huddling by the heater to keep warm. We had just finished the raffle drawing and all men were anticipating who was going to win the African Safari hunt. Every man had an equal chance of winning and no one knew their final score, so the tension was high. Then they heard the announcement…

Fourth place, and winner of a $100 Sportsman Warehouse gift card is Jared Adams

Third place, and winner of a Vortex scope, Danny Blackhurst

Second place, and winner of a $600 Sheep Hunt, Landon Gines

First place, and winner of an $8,000 African Safari hunt for two, and two companions, Mike Norman

Congratulations to all shooters. I know the day was exciting and full of tension, but everyone left being a better shooter and making loads of memories.

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