Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Spirit Ridge kicked off this season with our invitation-only Top Gun Tournament, featuring 50 of our most-skilled gunmen from last seasons shooters in both the Masters and Classics division. In order to receive an invitation to shoot in the event, shooters must post at least two qualifying scores throughout the regular season. If their score is one of the top 25 within their division, they are given the opportunity to compete in the tournament with a chance to earn a name on the course as well as some serious swag.

Starting bright and early, the masters took to the course making their way around the mountain from hole to hole. They have the opportunity to shoot an Eagle (hole in one), a Birdie (second shot), or if they missed both of those shots, they come to a closer hole and shoot for Par.

After shooting three eagles at station three, Rich Reeder commented on how his first round went, "I feel jittery," he said, after doing a little dance. Thus the effect rifle golf has on some if the greatest marksmen. It strikes excitement in the hearts of men.

When asked how he thought he was doing, Dave Atkinson said, "You know I’m out of the running, but I’m having a good time and that's all that matters."
It may be a competition, but winning isn’t everything, its about the camaraderie that passes through each gunmen as they help one another to shoot their best.

The experience Rifle Golf provides is unique and lifelike. Looking through the scope of a gun and spotting the target brings a feeling of pure exhilaration. Tom Christensen, ace spotter, regrets not getting the chance to shoot the course. "I did a great job spotting, but it’s nothing like pulling the trigger. I'll definitely be out here to shoot the course as soon as I can."

The new facility improvements turned out to be a big hit for returning riflemen. Clark Carlisle said, "It’s nice to ride up to each station and not have the dirt blow back in your face."

The settled gravel was a big improvement compared to the loose dirt, providing a more pleasant experience for this season.

As for the first place winners, both winning for the second year in a row, Eric Murray of the Masters division with a total score of 22, and Clark Moss of the Classics division with a total score of 17. Each won a custom built rifle, courtesy of Brad Stair from Cross Canyon Fire Arms, in any caliber of their choice up to .30 caliber. Each rifle is at price value of $3,800.00. A special thanks goes out to Cross Canyon Fire Arms for donating two incredible pieces of art. Not only did they win incredible prizes, but they have earned themselves bragging rights as this seasons top gunmen.

There were many opportunities to win prizes, money, and a name for yourself at Top Gun through a raffle system, putting money into a cash pot, as well as shooting to be in the thousand yard club. Many went home with amazing prizes not to mention a story to tell. A big thanks goes out to all that participated and we can’t wait to see you out on the course again this season.

Top Gun Scores:
Masters Division:

1st -Eric Murray
Score: 22
Shots: 16
Hit “Unique Shot” on 1st station for -1 off score

2nd – Josh Williams
Score – 22
Shots – 17
Hit “Off Hand Shot” on Hole in One station for -1 off score

3rd - Tyler Schoffield, Rich Reeder, Joel Peterson
Score – 26
Shots - 19

Classic Winners:

1st - Clark Moss
Score: 17
Shots: 14
Hit “Off Hand Shot” on Hole in One station for -1 off score
Hit “Unique Shot” on 1st station for -1 off score

2nd – James Christensen
Score: 20
Shots: 14

3rd – Dan Rast
Score: 20
Shots: 16
Hit “1000 yd Shot” on Hole in One station for -3 off score

1000 yd Club @ Top Gun:
  • Leo Williams - Classic
  • Jared Garn - Classic
  • Dan Rast - Classic
  • Craig Bingham - Masters
  • Jake Page – Masters

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