Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Break'n A Sweat July

Spirit Ridge Rifle Golf is Getting a Facelift

This past month has been packed with action for Spirit Ridge. Not with tournaments per se, but with virtual recognition from national media personnel and putting final touches on all improvements.

Upcoming Events:

Tournaments start this month, with two tournaments in the month of July! The Top Gun Tournament (invitation only) is July 9 for last year’s top Classic and Master shooters. Vortex Extreme Tournament (invitation only) is July 16 bringing the outdoor industry leaders to compete covering the course on foot and timed.
Two new tournaments have been in fruition. One is a Predator’s Only Tournament and the African Safari. More news to come on the specifics of these tournaments.
As well as a Women’s Only Tournament. Stay tuned to find out more information. For a list of all the tournaments this season please visit our website www.spiritridgeriflegolf.com

SRRG in the News

Many of you might have noticed that Spirit Ridge is being recognized by reporters not only from Utah, but also from Louisiana, New Jersey and Washington D.C. to name of a few. What was the big change? SRRG became a member of the Professional Outdoor Media Association (POMA) which has access to all outdoor reporters. We sent one press release to POMA members and within hours our phones were ringing with reporters who wanted to cover our new sport of rifle golf. The NRA news even broadcasted a 10 minute interview with Jeff Petersen, SRRG Communications Director, which they also posted on Youtube. We were also featured on a radio show in Louisiana, the Hook’n UP & Track’n Down radio show with Steve Graf and James Hester.

Check out the NRA News interview as well as all the other news articles Spirit Ridge was highlighted in.

NRA News Interview http://bit.ly/mDmxYB

Article from Shooting Illustrated http://bit.ly/ixTWDZ

Article from AmmoLand.com http://bit.ly/lmXvRP

Article from Tactical-Life.com http://bit.ly/kDhMW2


Because POMA’s annual conference is being held in Ogden, UT this year, SRRG decided to hold a media day out the course. This media day will be Aug 10 and involve any and all media members. Each media member that chooses to come out to the course will be given a first hand walk through of the game and the course. Thus, providing them with the first hand experience to then be able to continue to write featured articles about the new and exciting game of Gun Golf.

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Be part of the national move of Rifle Golf and tell of your experiences on Twitter and Facebook. Through Twitter you will be able to stay tuned on all articles SRRG is highlighted in, as well as connect with countless people who have similar passions as yourself: Enjoying shooting and anything outdoors. To follow us on Twitter visit http://twitter.com/#!/SRRifleGolf. To Like us on Facebook visit http://on.fb.me/lu4GC9.

New Website Launch

Speaking of websites, a new development in Spirit Ridge’s website is in progress. SRRG 2.0 will launch by July 15 giving a more user-friendly experience with substance. Some perks to the newly developed site will be a leader board to highlight top shooters, an online store to purchase SRRG apparel, a convenient capability to book your tee time online, a community forums for viewers to post rifle golf comments and all the information you need to answer any questions.

IMPORTANT Safety Updates

As the sport becomes more accepted by the general public, we have made the decision that ALL shooters will need to wear eye and ear protection at all times while at the shooting stations. We have also added a Certified Range Safety Master to the course, to help improve the safety of all participants. In an effort to keep the range a fun, yet safe environment guides and SRRG personnel will be on the look out for any safety violations. A simple reminder will be given when a safety rule is violated. Repeated breakage of safety rules may result in being asked to leave the course. We have had an enjoyable time over the past 5 years and want to continue to see safety excellence. As loyal participants please keep safety first while out on the course.

New Driving Range

Want a great way to dial things in before hitting the rifle golf course? Try out the newly developed driving range. Close to the club house, the driving range will give gunmen a chance to practice their skills before hitting the course. The range will distance anywhere from 1 to 500 yards giving time to warm up your skills. With the ability to set up targets as far as 1000 + yards. If you don’t have time to shoot a full round of rifle golf, the driving range can give you a “quick fix.”

Facility Updates

Spirit Ridge is excited about this season’s new additions to its course. In order to create a better experience for all, we have incorporated gravel around all the shooting stations as well as a water truck to keep the dust from flying, high-definition target maps, four Polaris Ranger Crews, all making it easier to get around. We also have new and improved target systems.

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