Thursday, November 5, 2009

Top Gun.!.!.!

These names qualify as of Nov.3. They are in random order. Are subject to change until
Nov. 21. This is the deadline to qualify. We are now accepting 1 score to qualify for the Top Gun Tournament to ensure a full amount of shooters per division. This list will be updated after the Nov. 17 Tournament.
Classic Division
Qualified Names:
Jamie Swanson
Mark Monsen
Brock Swanson
Thomas Chritensen
Eric Williams
Nate Collins
Wayne Williams
Rober Christensen
Jo Shaffer
Leon Dent
Jason Christensen
Jeff John
Larry Maughan
Troy Hawker
Scott Argyle
Jim Twombly
Doug Ogden
Jake Barlow
Scott Barlow
Brian McQuivey
Craig Jones
Justin Pitts
Jake Venable
Rory Russel
Sid Nelson
Larry Varney
Masters Division
Qualified Names:
Rusty Hall
Flint Adams
Jacob Page
Richard Chiantaretto
Eric Murry
Blain Jackson
Nathan Jackson
Joel Petersen
Mark Petersen
Jim Parker
Nyle Bywater
Dallas Ricks
Brennon Rasmunson
Vic Wheeler
Todd Sholly
Curt Pilcher
Jared Adams
Dean Parker
Craig Bingham
Tyler Schofield

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