Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Top Gun Qualifiers

Please make a note that we have changed the date of the Top Gun Tournament to ensure a good time and better weather. It will be the first Tournament of our next season. It will be held in June. You will receive an email or letter to confirm your qualification. We look forward to you all joining. Congratulations to all of you who qualified.

Masters Division Qualifiers: (In random order)
Dean Parker
Jacob Page
Vic Wheeler
Richard Chiantoretto
Blain Jackson
Dee Long
Joel Petersen
Rusty Hall
Mark Petersn
Eric Murry
Jim Parker
Jared Adams
Nyle Bywater
Clark Carlile
Brennon Rasmussen
Chuck Williamson
Craig Bingham
Chad Fenn
Dave Atkinson
Josh Willams
Tyler Scoffield
Colby Roberts
Flint Adams
Dallas Ricks
Curt Pilcher
Todd Sholly
Nathan Jackson
Classic Division Qualifiers: (In random order)
Lindsay Meinders
Thomas Christensen
Darren Lunt
Jake Venable
Leon Dent
Matt Skews
Craig Jones
Scott Barlow
Jake Barlow
Jo Shaffer
Wayne Williams
Kory Russel
Larry Varney
Destrie Hansen
Eric Williams
Larry Maughan
Doug Ogden
Jim Twombly
Brian McQuivey
Mark Monsen
Jamie Swanson
Brock Johnson
Jason Christensen
Sid Nelson
Scott Argyle
Justin Pitts
Danny Blackhurst

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