Friday, September 17, 2010

September tournament was a hit! Actually… a lot of hits.

Sprit Ridge had new faces visiting the golf course, Lance Frazer and Alan Murray from The Herald Journal. Making a shout-out on the front page and a two page article on the front of the “Outdoors” section, Spirit Ridge Rifle Golf is famous! We would like to thank Frazer and Murray for taking the time to visit the course and experience the thrill of the sport rifle golf. And don’t worry, we didn’t send them home empty handed. They both had the opportunity to shoot at an antelope at about 400 yards of which they both hit dead-on. Frazer even took a shot at the 1,000 yard target; we won’t say how close (or how far away) he was. The duo ended the morning with a hearty, pulled-pork sandwich, personally prepared by Aaron Dooling. We have a feeling that won’t be their last visit to SRRG, they seemed to have really enjoyed the sport.

Check out the article by Frazer and photos and video by Murray Click here to read the article

As always, we would like to thank the men who make the monthly tournaments possible. The veterans to SRRG are picking up speed fast; as you can tell by past tournament results, some of the same guys keep winning. We would like to encourage everyone who just enjoys the thrill of shooting to come out to our November tournament. The number of people who enter is not too large, so your chances of taking home a prize is high. No more excuses as to why you can’t come. If you want to come, then COME!!!

Now, for the September Tournament results…

The overall winner of the tournament was Dee Long with a score of 21. Long won the vortex hand held spotting scope.

The winner of the Classic division, and a $100 Sportsman Warehouse gift card, was Eddie Crookston with a score of 22.

The winner of the Masters division, and a $100 Sportsman Warehouse gift card, was Matt Blackhurst with a score of 22.

Side pot winners:

Classic Division:
Progressive Pot: Eddie Crookston = $50
Sweepers Pot: Eddie Crookston = $30
1000 yard Pot: Ed Crookston = $30

Masters Division:
Progressive Pot: Dee Long = $75
Eagles Pot: Dee Long = $25, (7 eagles)
1000 yard Pot: Matt Blackhurst = $200

Bracket Winners:

$3 Bracket #1:
1st place: Dee Long = $10
2nd place: Jeremy Crookston = $5

$3 Bracket #2:
1st place: Eddie Crookston = $10
2nd place: Matt Blackhurst = $5

$5 Bracket #1:
1st place: Eddie Crookston = $25
2nd place: Brad Roberts = $10

$5 Bracket #2:
1st place: Jeremy Crookston = $20
2nd place: Tim Wayment = $10

There was a lot of cash taken home this tournament. The next time it could be you!!!

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