Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Women Tournament 2011

We regret to inform you that the September women tournament, supporting a non-profit group fighting against breast cancer, has been postponed until September 2011. There are many reasons for this postponement. Spirit Ridge wanted to insure that the women tournament would generate enough money to make a worthy donation, and we wanted to give away bigger prizes. With the last minute notice about the tournament, the crew at SRRG made an executive decision to use a whole year to advertise for such a worthwhile tournament.

For all you women who are true Annie Oakly’s, or just enjoy shooting, and for all you men who know these types of women, continue to spread the word about the 2011 women tournament. We want to give the ladies enough time to practice their shot. And, as always, we encourage you ladies to practice before the big day by visiting Spirit Ridge often.

We hope this gives all you women something to look forward to. Now, when your husband goes to the target range to practice his shot for the hunt, you have no reason not to go along with him. Now is the time you need to practice your dead-eye shot as well.

Here is our promise… if you use this whole year to practice your shot to perfection, we promise to have big-talkin’ prizes for the grand champions, and killer raffles you can enter to win. We can’t wait to see you next year at our grand women tournament, where we will give a percentage of the proceeds to a non-profit organization fighting against breast cancer.

If you have any suggestions on what you think the grand prizes should be, let us know. Because we find joy in your happiness, we want to know how we can continue to make SRRG the ultimate outdoor shooting arena.


The SRRG staff

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