Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Hunting Expo

The Hunting Expo was a definite hit this year. We were thrilled to see many "veterans" to SRRG as well as new faces, and no they were not all men, we had countless women and children stop by our booth who are just as excited as the men to see it swing and hear it ping!!

At the expo, we posted the dates of finalized tournaments for the coming season.
Top Gun Tournament - July 8th and 9th
African Safari Tournament - August 13th
Monthly Tournaments - September 10th, October 8th, November 12th

Along with these tournaments, we will be hosting a youth tournament and a women tournament. The dates will be finalized within the coming months.


We also had a drawing at the booth so all who entered had a chance to win a free round of rifle golf. We will be drawing six names on Monday. The names will be posted online Monday and the winners will be notified personally.

Thank you again for all who attended the expo. Hope you are all just as excited as we are for this coming season!

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