Monday, February 28, 2011

Top Gun Finalists

Last year was an incredible season! We saw many old friends along with a few new ones. As a way to create a little friendly competition amongst our league, we would like to announce last year’s top shooters who are now eligible to compete in this season’s Top Gun tournament. As a reminder, one of the main requirements of Top Gun is the shooter had to post at least (2) qualifying scores throughout the previous season. If we do not have enough top scores who posted two scores we then go to the highest single scores.

The goal is to have 25 shooters in each class. We hope to combine both groups into a single day on July 9th. If your name appears below, please contact us immediately so we can get you signed up. (435-764-6980) We will also be mailing out registration forms and info packets to all qualifiers.


We look forward to seeing you all out at the range in July!

Masters FY 11

Dee Long

Matt Blackhurst

Mike Norman

Tyler Schofield

Jared Adams

Derrick Doutre

Rusty Hall

Rich Reeder

Vic Wheeler

Josh Wiliams

Steve Netzman

Tim Wayment

Eddie Crookston

Clark Carlile

Flint Adam

Jake Page

Kim Rappleve

Colton Long

Dave Atkinson

Jeremy Crookston

Craig Bingham

Bill Doutre

Danny Blackhurst

Landon Gines

Classic FY 11

Craig Jones

Chris Russel

Clark Moss

Danny Blackhurst

Eric Williams

James Christensen

Jeremy Crookston

Thomas Christensen

Destrie Hansen

Ed Crookston

Jamie Swanson

Kori Russel

Leo Williams

Jake Barlow

Travis Hobbs

Brett Dolph

Paul Kendall

Ben Negus

Corey Brown

Jared Lunceford

Jon Sorensen

Jim Hiatt

Jake Hales

Jesse Rowe

Congratulations to all qualifying shooters! We look forward to another great year

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