Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Game Itself Is Just Newsworthy!

Spirit Ridge Rifle Golf continuously receives recognition for the uniqueness of the sport and its incredible location. This month Christian Arms Hunting Illustrated Magazine wrote an amazing article capturing the detail the sport deserves.

The author of the article, Tom Austin, wrote, “After a short drive up Interstate-15, I soon found myself at Spirit Ridge overlooking an amazing, vivid, life-like, selection of black silhouette animal targets with bright white, highly visible gongs in lace of their vitals. The targets were nestled among hip-high Western sagebrush, choked with reddish-brown foxtail chess and green cheat-grass. Just like in practical hunting scenarios, some targets say level with the solid shooting benches as well as several uphill and downhill angles to factor into the shot. I shifted the Predator and other shooting paraphernalia from the Rhino to a shooting bench and began to shoot the course.”

Now check the article our yourself:

For all you veterans of SRRG, let us know if you think Tom Austin accurately described what it is like shooting at SRRG. Just make your comments on this post.

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